DPD Tracking Online

Dynamic Parcel Distribution de: www.dpd.com/tracking

DPD Tracking Online

www.dpd.com/tracking: Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD) is a Germany based international parcel delivery company that operates worldwide, mainly in the express road based market. It delivers parcels weighing less than 30 kg. Here we will check step by step guide on dpd.com/tracking your parcel.

DPDgroup is a part of GeoPost SA network. They have a road delivery network in about 26 countries across Europe and deliver over 4.8 million parcels every day. They provide flexible delivery options and offer the best customer experience. Besides DPD parcel services, DPD eDirect service offers B2C delivery internationally for weight below 2 kg. It is an alternative to registered mail offered by postal operators.

Track your DPD Parcel

If you want to know current status of your DPD parcel, you can do it easily online at www.dpd.com . You can track up to 30 parcels at a time. Separate each entry by return/enter key. Here are the steps on how to track:

Search by label number:

  • Go to www.dpd.com
  • Enter your label number in the box provided in the Tracking window displayed on right. Select your country. Click ‘Track’ button.

Current status of the parcel will be displayed.

Search by reference number:

  • Go to www.dpd.com/tracking
  • Here you can track by label number or reference number. To track by reference number, enter your username and parcel reference in the boxes provided. Click Search button.

You will get latest update of your parcel.

You can also track your DPD parcel with other web tracking services providers.

Track your DPD Parcel with Parcel Monitor

You can track your standard or express DPD parcel delivery with Parcel Monitor. Follow the steps given below on how to track with Parcel Monitor:

  • Go to www.parcelmonitor.com/track-xdp-express/
  • Enter your tracking number in the box provided in the middle of the screen. Click ‘Track Now!’ button.

You will get up-to-date information of your shipment. You can also sign up for email or SMS update at Parcel Monitor.

Track your DPD Parcel with Aftership.com

You can track your DPD parcel shipment with aftership.com. Here given is how to track:

  • Go to www.aftership.com/couriers/dpd
  • Enter your tracking number in the box provided. Click ‘Track’ button.

Updated status of your delivery will be displayed.

Aftership Auto Update Notifications

You can set up auto update notification and you will receive an email notification upon changes of delivery status. To set up update notifications, you need to login to your Aftership account. You can also enable SMS notification and you will receive SMS delivery update notification on your mobile.

Track your DPD Parcel at Parcel2Go.com

It is much simple to track your DPD parcel at Parcel2Go.com. Here are the steps on how to track:

Immediately, current whereabouts of your parcel will be displayed.

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