Greyhound Package Express Tracking

Greyhound Package Express Tracking:

Greyhound Package Tracking

Greyhound Freight is a freight distribution services provider in Australia. They have an extensive national freight network of Freight Depots and Authorized Agents to provide daily scheduled services across the country; it reaches to the remote corners. They offer freight services at competitive rates. You can send and receive parcels of up to 20 kg and 200cm x 100cm x 80cm in dimension.

Greyhound provides various online services at its website You can request a quote online, track and trace your shipment, view your network map, book your freight and more.

Greyhound Tracking Online

It is simple and easy to track your Greyhound parcel online at its website. You just need to provide your tracking number. Following given are the steps on how to track your Greyhound parcel:

  • Go to
  • Click ‘Track & Trace’ option button displayed towards bottom of the screen.
  • Enter your consignment number in the box given. Click ‘Go’ button.

This will provide an instant delivery status update on your Greyhound consignment.

Greyhound Tracking with Parcel Monitor

It is simple and convenient to track your Greyhound parcel at Parcel Monitor. It allows you to track number of shipment at once. You can track by tracking number. Here are the steps on how to track:

  • Go to
  • Enter tracking number(s) in the field provided. If more shipments are to be tracked, separate them by white space. Click ‘Track Now!’ Button displayed next to it.

Tracking at

Track your Greyhound parcel shipment simply by tracking number at It is easy. Follow the steps given below on how to track your Greyhound parcel:

  • Go to
  • Enter your tracking number in the box provided. Click ‘Track’ button.

And you will get latest update of your Greyhound shipment delivery status!

Greyhound Auto Update Notifications

You can login to your aftership account and set up for auto email and/or SMS update notification. And every time there is a status update, you will receive email and SMS notification.

Customer Support

If you have any questions, you can call customer service at 1300 656 532. You can write an email to You can also refer to frequently asked questions link FAQ at its website.

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